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Michelle Hojan, KW Realtor®

About Michelle

Whether you have just stumbled upon my page, or have known me forever, it’s so nice to have you here!

About Michelle

I am authentically me.

I am authentically me. Being deeply passionate about following my intuition and leading from the heart has securely built a solid foundation for me in my business and personal life. I am driven and determined to always achieve my goals all while having the patience to achieve them through a genuine and honest course. That determination started young for me and it has never faded. In an industry where competition and pace of the market can easily sway your methods, I have always chosen to produce less profit but keep true to my personal methods and integrity.

I have an amazing little family.

My husband Paul is the peanut butter to my jelly. His limitless patience and support for me and my colourful spirit is the reason I am able to dedicate so much to my business and my clients. I'm sure you will meet him along the way, as he tirelessly assists me with helping you prepare your home for market. Together, we have two amazing children, Rexton and Lucy who are the brightest lights in my life! Having the privilege of being a wife and a mother while also being able to nurture my thriving Real Estate career, is truly a blessing I am so grateful for.

I am a doer. I absolutely cannot sit idle and wait for results. My clients deserve the very best service, I am committed to providing them just that. You will see me rolling up my sleeves to assist in whatever needs to be done while helping you through the process of buying and selling your home. I am present.

The Real Estate industry is saturated with people who can absolutely help you sell your home. There are endless options for you to hire. Finding the right fit for you is imperative to the success and overall experience you have. I believe that by being authentically me and operating from an intuitively lead and genuine way creates my difference and is the reason why I am able to consistently achieve amazing results for my clients.

Thank you for following me along my journey, it's great to have you here.

xx Michelle

Behind the Delta


I've always had this obsession with the delta symbol. It represents change, positive energy, and a healthy equilibrium. It's the connection between my past, present and future. It helps balance my mind, body and soul. It's my personal little reminder that I am a reflection of how I choose to show up every day.


My personal life and my professional life are undoubtedly intertwined. When I'm happy and love what I do for my clients and my family, I feel my best! It was obvious to me that my brand had to reflect my deep love for delta. I think of places as the physical connections to your spiritual journey through life.  


A beautifully renovated kitchen? Sign me up. The place I'll enjoy a special meal with loved ones? That's what I'm talking about. We can't get those moments back! Sometimes we need to leave special places behind, and that's ok too. It's the start of a new future with a fresh perspective and brighter days ahead.


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