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The experiences and values that shape my career

You deserve a warm introduction and an understanding of who I am.

I am Michelle. I am a Realtor in Kitchener Waterloo and to say that I love real estate and my clients would be an understatement. I believe that this is one industry that “do it yourself” is just not a thing. As much as I love the DIY (stay tuned for lots of that in coming posts), Real Estate is an ever-evolving industry where the stakes are high and constant unknowns require some expertise to help navigate.

Helping my clients is my passion and I look forward to sharing lots of experiences with you along the way!

I did not think that I would be a Real Estate Broker, ever. It was something I did not understand and something I thought would be repetitive and mundane. Boy was I wrong. I fell into this industry as a second career due to my love of home renovations and maximizing what investment my husband and I had. We were on tight budgets but understood the value of our home and what it could produce for us later in life if we nurtured it now. HGTV was always on in the background as I was home with our two young children, and along with it came big dreams of having the “forever” home that magically appeared in a 45-minute timespan. Notice I said was on in the background? Yeah, not always the best thing when you are living in the real world. Truth-Bomb, it is never actually like the shows portray and it became something that was unhealthy to aspire to. I love Real Estate, I love renovations and I love the endless potential and possibilities that lay ahead, if you are open to it.

Through my blog, I hope to inspire you, whether first time homebuyer, forever-home purchaser, seller or savvy investor. We will talk all things Real Estate together! Let's get started together.

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